Level 3 Model Building Certificate

Hello everyone,

I have completed Anaplan Level 3 training and received the completion certificate,but not the Level 3 Model Builder certificate.

Any idea ,how to get the Model Builder Certificate.


Appreciate your help.


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  • Hi @Sruthyj,

    if you have finished Level 1, Level 2, and The Anaplan Way, you can download your Model Builder certificate here: https://learning.anaplan.com/course/view.php?id=1125


    After finishing your Level 3 (both exams and submitting model history), you can download the certificate of completion here at the bottom of the page: https://learning.anaplan.com/course/view.php?id=1167


    Hope this helps, do not hesitate to reach out in case of any questions.

  • Hi @filip.sypniewski 


    Thanks for the information. From this link I have received the Certificate of Completion but the certificate does n't shows the validity period.This certificate just has the 'Certificate of Completion Issue date'.

    is this the Final Version of Level 3 Model Building or should we get a Level 3 Model Builder Certificate with a proper validity period.



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  • Hi @Sruthyj,


    this is how it looks for me:

    level 3.jpg


    you only receive certificate of completion with issue date, valid for 2 years,

  • @filip.sypniewski 


    Yeah I am expecting something like the image you posted.

    But I can see only as below. 






  • @Sruthyj,


    Oh, I can see. It seems that the format of the certificate has changed. My certificate looks different than yours. I think the best to contact Academy Team about this, they always reply fast and are very helpful, so you can ask them about it, please use [email protected]

  • @filip.sypniewski 


    Sure ,Thanks a lot for your time.




  • Hello @Sruthyj 


    If I understand your issue correctly then Level 3 in itself is not officially a "certification", the same goes for L1 and L2. The actual certification is the Model Builder Certification which you get upon completing L1, L2, and TAW.
    This agrees with what's written on all my "certificates"