Publish Process using new UX


Hi Everyone, 

Can anybody help me with publishing processes using new UX?

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  • nathan_rudman
    you must be on a "My Page" instead of an actual app building.
    Actions aren't available on a personnal page.
  • Misbah
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    You probably are in "My Pages" section  and not "App" section. If you can't see App option on top left menu it is because you are not the page builder and your tenant admin has to assign "Page Builder" role to you in order for you to be able to create apps.


  • It is the "Action" card, when you edit your board:



     Then you can configure your card on you can see  the processes:






    Annotation 2020-07-17 150131.png I don't have this option. Do we need special access for this?

  • @nathan_rudman Thanks so much! 

  • Hi Community, 


    Action - Open dashboard can be created in the new UX using below mentioned steps :

    Page - Editor - Action - Give a name for the action - Put the link of the dashboard you want to open  -  Add - Publish


    Open dashboard.png