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Looking to jazz up my dashboard a bit so my error checking results display a green tick if correct else the number of errors if incorrect.


I can do the second part, but how do I setup the green tick? I am pretty sure I have seen this in Anaplan somewhere before.






  • Apologies, I should have specified, I am using the old UX.


    For anyone interested, a colleague suggested using the text ":white_check_mark:". This gives a white tick with green background. Unfortunately due to LI formatting being a number I won't be able to use it in the same module per my query, but will be useful if just looking to show a 'tick or cross' on a higher level DB.




  • @WesleyMiller 


    I absolutely had no idea that this could be done but hey that's cool if it works. Can you post a snip because I tried I didn't get any such output

  • Hi @WesleyMiller (Wesley)


    Thanks for sharing the trick of using the text ":white_check_mark:". I did not know it.


    Answering your question: I use emojis in text-formatted Line Items (mostly green ticks, red crosses and yellows warnings) to jazz up the look and feel of these dashboards which display validation messages, alerts and this kind of notifications. You can go to sites such and directly copy emojies from there and paste them in your text-formatted line items.


    eg: IF X then "✔️" else ""


    It is true that the Planual states that emojis shouldn't be used, but that applies to "naming convention best practices", so you mustn't use emojis in lists, modules... names, but you can include them as a value in a text-formatted line item



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  • Hi,


    I followed up with my colleague and we found you can't type it straight into Anaplan. If you type :white_check_mark: into Slack, it gives you the emoticon which you can then paste into Anaplan.


    Otherwise you can do as Alejandro suggests and copy it direct from an emoticon website.


    Apologies all round.



  • you can basically use any unicode character. There are many.

    Just make sure not to use then in module/line item/lists/actions that you will use to import/export it might disturb the API
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    I am glad it helped, (@WesleyMiller) Wes. Also, thanks to @nathan_rudman for sharing some more insights on how to deal with text and unicode characters in Anaplan. 


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  • Hi @WesleyMiller

    Could you please share SS for this. I am not able to replicate this.