L2 Model build, Dashboard 2. Stock Exception Review


This dashboard should have 3 grids

Grid 1 (top) from INV02, stock exception by country - uses filter 1 (country) or country selector? Working

Grid 2 (middle) from INV02, stock exception by product - uses filter 2 (product ) or product selector? Working

Grid 3 (bottom) from INV01, stock exception by country & product - should use both country & product selectors? Not working
But INV01 doesn't have country as a dimension.

How is it done?




  • Hi @acameron 


    Looking at the training instructions of the Stock Exception Dashboard, I see that the 3rd grid is to show the exception by SKU. That should be a straight forward exercise from INV01 as the training is directing you.


    Big Picture;

    • An SKU belongs to one and only one Product, Correct?
    • It so happened also for the purpose of this exercise that each SKU is stocked at one location and one location only, Correct?

    So by listing the Exception by SKU, you are taking into account Country and Product



    Consider Nutzo Bar_EN

    • This SKU belongs to the Product Nutzo Bar only ( Product Hierarchy)
    • This SKU is stocked ONLY at New York (SYS08),  New York is in the US 😊

    Hope this clarified things a bit.

  • This is not clear to me how we can achieve the SKU by safety count in inv02 module.


    Please put more clariy.