Importing Data Into List Issue


Hi Anaplaners,

I'm encountering an issue when importing data into a normal list. Let's call the List "L1 Property"

The list has a parent called "L0 Group"

I'm loading data as shown in the table below into L1 Sub Group list.


L0 Group: Ice Cream

L1 Sub Group: Ice Cream


Anaplan is not able to load the data through importing. But when I add the data by clicking add, Anaplan is able to add it under L0 Group "Ice Cream".

Hoping for a quick and favorable response from the community. Thank you!


  • Hello @Brian_Scanomi ,


    Anaplan does not allow to create a same member  again in the same hierarchy. In your case, "Ice cream" cannot be present in both L0 and L1. Generally, we concatenate in the source, such as L0-Ice Cream and L1-Ice Cream to differentiate.




  • Hi @Brian_Scanomi,


    you will not able to achieve it via process, it is not allowed to create members with the same name on different levels of the hierarchy using process, as you noted that could be achieved only manually. There are couple of solutions though:


    - concatenate name & code on one of the level before importing it to the list (I go for this one the most often)

    - add additional part of the name e.g. Ice Cream Group on higher level


    Let me know if you have additional questions! 

  • Hi @Brian_Scanomi 


    Simple import will not work here it will always throw an error because already parent with same name exist. so you have to do some trick to achieve the result.


    Let's say we have Product list.

    1. Create a system module where you need one extra line for Fake sub product name, here I have added " - " , you can add whatever you want.




    2.  Here you need two actions

    1) First Action to create a Fake Sub Product, make sure sub product code should be mapped.

    Sub Product List before import.




    Sub Product List after import, here you can see items added but with hyphen but have code.


    Import Mapping to create fake sub product.


    2). Second action to update the sub product list items, You should update the sub product name based on code.



    Finally you have updated the list and you can get the same parent-child name in the non number list.



    You can do the reverse way as well, Concatenate you list with L1 and make the code same for Parent & Child, then you can upload data directly at your child level.


    Hope this helps!



  • Thank you for the answers.
    I wonder why it's an issue in Anaplan when it's being imported in a different list. Can we safely say this is a limitation in Anaplan?
    As a temporary solution, I did include a period on the end of the L1 list name.
    I will just have to explain this to the client regarding this.

  • @Brian_Scanomi 


    When you say period, I assume you are talking about the time period?  If so, please do not do this exponentially explodes your list and causes model open performance as well as it eats space.  For further information on this, please refer to this article.