Import (Upload) Action on Break Back line items


Hi - I have a module with three dimensions and have a line item activated with break-back functionality. A specific team from the business will always update the data at a higher level in the hierarchy across three dimensions - and to make it easy, let's presume - we know the higher level at which business updates the data. Even if this is a higher level in the hierarchy, it is not an easy option to update as there are many list members at that level as well. And the COPY-PASTE functionality in NUX is too slow to operate with those many list members - not practically possible, it is consuming a lot of time.

I am thinking of creating an action to upload the data at a higher level in this module on this break-back line item. Is there a way I can achieve this?

Thanks for any kind of help in this regard that will help deal with this smartly.



  • Hey @GuruAP ,


    You cannot import data at a higher level in this module on this break-back line item. 


    Rather you can take the export of all the lower level items (that needs to be updated) and import it back.


    Hope it helps.




  • GuruAP

    Hi Jitendra - this, unfortunately, is not an option because the business stakeholders can't update the data at the granular level. The system is bound to update the data at the lower level based on the break-back functionality as the team has visibility only at a higher level. There is a specific logic of how the data has to be disaggregated to the lower level and that is facilitated in the break-back line item if the team updates the data at a higher level.


  • @GuruAP Since its a break back enabled line item and user can't import at a lower granular level, In that case I'm afraid the user needs to update the data manually for each and every combination he wish to update.

  • GuruAP

    @DavidSmith, can you please suggest if you have any ideas here?


  • Alternatives to break back is to actually model it - You could have the users import into a module at the higher level and then use the existing data as logic to distribute the data down to the lower level. Depending on how dynamic you need it, you could run an action to copy the "base" each day, or at the beginning of the cycle.

    If the end users then need to adjust the "broken back" number you could have an adjustment line item to facilitate that


    Hope that helps