Level 3 Experience - Anaplan Academy Please Read!


Anaplan Academy,

Just wanted to thank you for doing an AMAZING job with level 3. 

  • Very professionally done
  • Quality of videos and articles 11 out of 10
  • Incorporating other master anaplanners best practice articles, priceless
  • Realistic use cases with just enough direction that it's hands off but still linear
  • @DavidSmith and @rob_marshall best articles incorporated - Data Hub Peak Performance and To Version or Not to Version

Special Thanks:

  • @ChrisMullen for answering the endless sea of questions and serving as the business partner
  • @Fwolf @paul.rosal @guillaume_arnau and authors of Anapedia for writing best practice articles and sharing them with us
  • To every single person at Anaplan that contributed to this content. I can't imagine the effort and coordination this took. It took me about 55 hours to work through the coursework but it must have taken thousands of hours cumulatively to prepare it all. So thank you, your level of detail, testing, and deployment of this course is very much appreciated. I hope I get to meet the behind the scenes people some day. You are all heroes in my mind.

The stock images used on the videos were very entertaining. Here's my interpretation of the perspective the L3 student has when watching those videos.


CommunityPost_L3_Jared Dolich.png


  • Hi @JaredDolich , I totally agree with you. So far I have finished schema design on Level 3. which I got to say Level 3 really motivated us to think by ourselves.


    One quick question through, I am having trouble finding the Level 3 starter model. Can you please direct me? Thanks very much.

  • @LinyangSR 

    Before you start Sprint 1 you'll have another opportunity to download the starter app. You really don't need it until Sprint 1 so you'll be fine.

    However, if you want to take a look at it now, you certainly can. Just make sure you're logged into your workspace before trying to download.



    Glad you're enjoying it. The schema took me a very, very long time because I organized them by the 21 user stories. The best part is that after you finish your schema, Anaplan allows you to compare to what they think the schema should look like. I broke my schema into the three processes, theirs is consolidated into one.


    Enjoy! I'm a little jealous though. I wish I could go through it again as if it was the first time. It's like an adventure...

  • @JaredDolich Thanks for your replay. Really appreciate your time and the experience you shared. 


    Same here, I did spend quite a time going through all user stories and break them into 3 parts for schema design. That was really a good and valuable adventure like you said. Now I am in the sprint 2 model building. So far I enjoyed it very much. Kudos to Anaplan team!