Level 3 Experience - Please Read!


Anaplan Community,

Just wanted to share the very positive experience I had with level 3; and, to encourage everyone to seriously consider working your way towards this certification. 

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What to Expect

  • Very professionally done
  • Quality of videos and articles 11 out of 10
  • Incorporating other master anaplanners best practice articles, priceless
  • Realistic use cases with just enough direction that it's hands off but still linear
  • @DavidSmith and @rob_marshall best articles incorporated - Data Hub Peak Performance and To Version or Not to Version
  • Took me about 55 hours to finish the coursework (I take copious notes in One Note and I spent a considerable amount of time with the data schema) Some would probably consider me slow.
  • You will be introduced to use cases that I guarantee you will encounter in every implementation.
  • Building a UX wireframe from user stories and building a model schema is absolutely briliiant because we all know we can make Anaplan work. But we need a good design.
  • All the tools you need to finish this course are available INCLUDING access to the business users (Chris Mullen).


Special Thanks:

  • @ChrisMullen for answering the endless sea of questions and serving as the business partner
  • @Fwolf @paul.rosal @guillaume_arnau and authors of Anapedia for writing best practice articles and sharing them with us
  • To every single person at Anaplan that contributed to this content. I can't imagine the effort and coordination this took. It took me about 55 hours to work through the coursework but it must have taken thousands of hours cumulatively to prepare it all. So thank you, your level of detail, testing, and deployment of this course is very much appreciated. I hope I get to meet the behind the scenes people some day. You are all heroes in my mind.

The stock images used on the videos were very entertaining. Here's my interpretation of the perspective the L3 student has when watching those videos.


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Best Answer

  • DavidSmith
    Answer ✓


    Thank you

    It is and was a 100% team effort.  

    From the initial brainstorming based in my idea of building connected planning models (It feels a long time ago I was writing line item formulas on a plane!!) , to the ideation around employee names right through to all of the videos, articles and questions, it was a pleasure to work on with the Academy team - They did an amazing job turning models into a cohesive training course.

    I am so pleased it has resonated with you and so many others - If it helps you learn and build better models (and have some fun doing so), then job done!




  • Thanks @DavidSmith 

    The engineering of L3 is really something to behold because we all have to figure out when to build a module, list, what formulas to use, etc..

    But at the end of the course, it all has to be consistent. 

    Plus, you picked the most popular use-cases that most modelers, including me, didn't realize was built into Anaplan.

    Just can't say enough about how impressed I am. Really appreciate the passion you have for learning David. Keep it up.