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I am checking my SYS modules before the exam and I am noticing the I am missing the two line items from SYS01 (highlighted in the screen shot). I dont recall being asked to add them, nor I have found the need to add and use them throughout the training. Any advice on what I should do? Add the line items without using them at this point? Revisit the entire training and figure out where they may be applicable? 


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  • Hi @sdavidko,

    you did not attach the screenshot. Can you please do that so I can help you?

  • Misbah




    You forgot to attach the snapshot but if you are talking about Level 2 SYS01 module check if you have all these lines in your module. 


    If not, let us know what is missing we will help you functionally if not technically.



  • Sorry about that... 


    Attached is the screen shot. I dont have the highlighted line items in my SYS01 module. I was wondering - given that my model is still working, do I need to go back and add the two line items and use them in the model?


    SYS Module CHeck.PNG


  • Hi @sdavidko,

    I can see that Line Item "Weeks only?" is used in another line item "Not 1st Week of Timescale?" which is referenced in INV01 module. It seems you might be missing something. 

  • Hi @filip.sypniewski 


    I am a little confused. I have used line item "Not 1st Week of Timescale?" in INV01 and the formula is working just fine. I dont understand why do I need Weeks only? or 1st Week of Timescale? line items? I dont think we were instructed to created those two line items during Sprint 3. 

  • Hey @sdavidko 


    I have faced this issue myself and it was raised by someone else as well.

    Don’t  worry about the line items especially if you didn’t use them.

    I believe Chris (the Anaplan authority on the training models) also said it is leftover from an older version.if the training material.

    Good Luck on the exam 😊

  • Hi @einas.ibrahim 

    Thank you. I did great on the exam.. i only got one question wrong however it miscalculated my score. I have reached out to the Academy to understand why my score was miscalculated. 


    At any rate, thank you for your prompt response. 

  • @sdavidko 


    Hahaha, I also had that issue and reached out to Academy. They were very helpful.
    Always take a screenshot of your results though before even getting to the certificate. 

  • @einas.ibrahim lol. that is a bit reassuring.

  • Indeed as explained below, it seems that there was an old version of the model. I did it in November 2019 so probably it was old version.