Level 2 Sprint 2: assigning roles TO Product family managers


Hi Team,


The global assumption DB created was only need to show to "Product family role".  And each product family manager will only change "volume growth rate" to his assigned product and viewed the rest of the product family.


I Assigned 4 roles as "Product family manager" and also removed their "WSA" rights :

1) I am not able to see line item wise their access assignment tabs.

2) Under the "Product family manager"  Roles tab, Landing DB shows nothing in the dropdown. Instead it is coming under "Full Access"




Do it have to do anything related to "Used Modules"?





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  • einas.ibrahim

    Hello @kunal_311 


    In order to accurately and completely create a Role to assign to users, you need to:

    1. Create the Role under Users--> Role
    2. Identify the Dashboard(s) that this role should have access to
    3. Give the role read/write access to each Module, Action, and versions (if used)image.png 
    4. You will know that you successfully gave access to all component on a dashboard when it appears in Users--> Roles --> Landing Dashboard dropdown
    5. Assign a Landing Dashboard to each role
    6. Go to Content in the setting menu. This is where you determine what modules and dashboards appear to a user with a particular role. The general rule is we only allow end-users access to dashboards but not modules.
    7. Go to Users--> your own user and change the Role from full access to the role you want to test.

    These are the general steps to accomplish security by Role.

    Since you don't see any dashboards in the Landing Dashboard dropdown, this means you haven't assigned the read/write access to all the component of dashboards


    Also, I might be wrong but it seems like you are changing the role of users who are not you (unless they are). You will not be able to test the model under these users log in so you really should not change their roles and expect to see results yourself. They will though once they log in.


    This video should explain Adding Roles in details 


    Also, I believe you are not clear on how to differentiate between the different Product Family manages to allow each to have write access only to their assigned Product Family. This is achieved using Selective Access. That's a different topic altogether.


    This video should explain Selective Access.
    I believe both videos were covered in Level 1 Model Builder


    First, let's get you assigning the roles /dashboards correctly, and then I'll be happy to walk you through Selective Access.
    Let me know when you are done or if you have any questions


  • einas.ibrahim

    Hi @kunal_311 

    1. The only reason you would not see "data" on a dashboard is that you haven't given the role the right access to all modules used on the dashboard. Don't forget that if you are referencing a module in a filter in another module for example then you have to give the role a read access to that module used in the filter as well even though it doesn't appear on the dashboard. I can see 2 modules that you haven't configured for the Product Family role on the screenshot you provided.
    2. Role --> List: you don't need to give a role explicit access to lists unless the user will add/delete directly from the list. This mainly happens with Numbered List because end-users will have to add list items to it. You don't need to make any changes in this tab
    3. You assigned the Selective Access correctly 👍


  • Hi @einas.ibrahim 


    Appreciate your guidance because of which now I can see the landing dashboard displayed in my roles section to " Product family manager".






    But now the problem occurs with DB, I am not able to see anything on DB:


    I assigned the respective modules and list to the role. Is there any mistake I am doing at this stage?






    The condition was the product family manager can only make changes in his product family and can view the other 3. So I make the changes as shown below. Is this step wrong?




  • Hi @einas.ibrahim 

    1) Assigned module "SYS00 tym settings by month" to "read" & now seeing the data in DB. But a little confused about the other module which you are talking about. 

    DEM01 - Read,DEM03 - Read,SYS00 - Read,SYS02 - Read

    2) Just want to understand this point, I assigned the product list along with account with this intention that product family Manager needs to change the growth rate for its own product list. But I believe we only set the lists to check when we need to add/delete the products, which we are not doing in here, This is what I understood from your point. Is my understanding correct.

    3) Thank You. 

  • Hello @kunal_311 


    1. I believe you have identified all the modules you need to assign to the Product Family Manager Role, however, since we want the Product Family Manager to upload/enter/update the growth % data, do you think a read access is sufficient? Try the dashboard as a Product Family Manager Role and check if you can update the growth % data.
    2. Your understanding of the need to explicitly assign a write access to lists is correct.
    3. You are welcome. Any time 😊
  • 1) My Bad -  DEM01 -Write


    Thank you for the help.

  • Hello @1Crystaljewel 

    This is the post I mentioned to you regarding how to handle modules used in filters when creating a role.
    I agree with you this particular point wasn't explicitly mentioned in the training but it does make sense that we should include it right?

  • Absolutely @einas.ibrahim, it would be helpful to include this tip about reviewing the filters when setting up the roles.


    As you explained, in order to know the complete list of elements/components being used in a UX page/dashboard, you want to also review the filters to ensure the role has access to the modules used by the filter.