How to add filters to data export?


Hi Experts!


We need to export only a small set of data from Anaplan modules (Ex: Export only ACTUAL data for 2017.05 for LINE ITEM 'REVENUE'). Please suggest if this is possible using standard functionality.

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  • LokeshNandula
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    Hi Dhawandeep,


    Thanks for reply. We tried all possibilities but it's not working. Showed the same to Anaplan support and below is the response. May be useful for other Anaplanners in this community.


    By the way, we took help of Anaplan partner and developed a Jython script to achieve what we are looking for.


    I did some research and found the following :

    Based in Anapedia, this is working as per designed that tabular Single Column does not accept :
    1. Show/hide or data filter with time, versions, lists on columns
    2. Show/hide or data filter with only line items on columns
    Hence user will need to export the module, apply the filter in Excel to extract data with specific version and currency. Apologize for the inconvenience caused."


  • Jaakko



    Yes, it is possible and quite easy to do. Just save a view with the selections you want and export that. You can even make the view dynamic by creating filters. For example you could make a filter module that has boolean values "true" for current year time periods only and use that as a filter in a view of export module. When you'd export that view, you would only export the current year.


    Hope this helps! I'm happy to give more details if needed.




  • Hi Jakko,


    Thanks for your reply. We already tried with option but it didn't work. Can you please check if this option works for Export Layout 'Tabular Singular Column'. Our module is dimensionalized module, meaning the module applies to 3-4 lists.

  • Dhawan

    Hi Lokesh

    It seems like your filters may not be applied correctly.

    You need to apply the logic given above by Jakko and pivot the view for export in such a way that all your dimensions are in the Rows side and then apply the filters in way you want.



  • Jaakko

    Tabular single column format won't filter anything but if you use tabular multiple column format the filters will work. You can modify a bit how data will be arranged in the file by pivoting the view (by default time is on columns but it can be changed).

  • Can you help me how it worked out?