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Hello I would like to seek for your advise. During data import i am supposed to see this area after i have imported my excel file


But as i was doing it, this is the only steps being shown:






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  • Misbah
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    You will see the Time mapping window  at the time of creating the import action and also when you edit the already created import action.

    So now if you wish to see the Time mapping window again for already created Import action.


    Go to Action->Click on the Specific Import -> Edit


  • Misbah
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    Looking at the wrong place. You have to look for import actions and not in the modules. See Below




  • @rochellemara 


    then you are not Workspace Administrator. You need to be Workspace Administrator to be able to edit mapping of an action. Please contact your Workspace Administrator to grant you access. 

  • Misbah
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    Yes, as @filip.sypniewski  mentioned that you are not Workspace admin. Someone who is already a workspace admin can make you workspace admin to your workspace. Get in touch with him/her.


  • l am unable to see the action button.

    this is the only items on my screen



    in this i click data >> then import



  • this is the only view that i have. it doesn't have the settings button like yours. 



  • could it be on my access settings?

    should i be granted workspace administrator access to have this?