Multiple selection in page selector




We would like to do multiple selection in page selector.
For example, can list items of A, B and C be selected simultaneously in the attached screenshot?
If possible, could you tell me how to do this?


Thanks and regards,

Maki Yasuda



  • Hi Maki,


    Define a hierarchy and tag those three items to a parent node and then select the parent node!


    There is a round about solution.... create a subset for that list and define a top level item. Then publish the grid view to the dashboard. Call that subset as page selector in a module and publish that module to dashboard. Restrict the page filter to only top level item. Now you are set. users have to select the list items in the grid view and automatically the module will refresh with required data.

  • Egor

    Hi Maki,


    See if this video is helpful for your problem.


    Best ragrds,


  • Good one Egor!