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Can you please help me with publishing a list as a page selector in the New UX and how do we use the search option in the drop-down of page selector as classic dashboard.


  • Hi @NehaSharma,


    I do not think it is possible to publish list as page selector in NUX. It will appear only on Context Selector menu, when it is dimension of any module published on a Page. 


    You can easily search using "find" box, when you open any of the context selectors.



  • Misbah



    You can't publish list as a page selector in NUX. It automatically takes the dimensions of the modules when you try to publish pages and make them Context Selectors in NUX. You have an option of hiding those context selectors though.


    On Search functionality you will get that here as well. Just click on any context selectors and you will see "FIND" search bar.

    By the way Context Selectors in NUX = Page Selectors in Classic



  • Thank you Filip.

  • Thank you Misbah!

  • @Misbah @filip.sypniewski  How can we add any other actions than import and process. I need to publish "Open dashboard"

  • @NehaSharma,


    you can achieve it by publishing for example Text, Image, or even Grid and linking it to other Page. Please see below one of my examples where I used Image card:


  • Misbah



    We can't publish ASSIGN, Copy Branch or Delete Branch actions as these are not supported by NUX yet but I am sure it is going to be available pretty soon, barring these you can publish any action.


    Please go through this article if you have some time. It will clear some of your queries.

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  • Thank you @filip.sypniewski and @Misbah 🙂