SQL Server Edition Compatibility


I'm Newbie to Tableau SQL Server 2012, I found out that there are paid and free editions of SQL Server 2012​ available ​.

those are



1.Enterprise [paid]

 2.@Tableau 10.4 B.I [paid ]

 3. Standard [paid]

 4. WEB [paid]

 5. Express [free]

 6. Evaluation  [free]

 7. Developer [free,paid]



Now I have ambiguity between ​the paid version and Free versions. because ​there are some restrictions that bind with paid versions ​as well as​ ​free versions ​.​


But I decided to install SQL Server 2012 "Evaluation" Edition Since my project lightweight and Non-Profitable.

So I just want to know if I use SQL Server 2012 "Evaluation" Edition will it be compatible with rest of the above editions

For an example consider this scenario:

 if I Generate DB from SQL Server 2012 "Evaluation"  Edition , then I add add some tables and data into it.then I deattache it , 

My question is,

Will I able to restore above DB on a server that SQL Server 2012 "Evaluation" or "Enterprise" Edition Installed?


Thanks in advance