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Is it safe to assume end-users -who don't have model builder role in the NUX - are not able to configure Link to a Page in any of the board cards? or am I missing something?


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  • Misbah
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    Yep! End Users don't get an option of creating an App.


    Correction: You can only link your personalized pages to Pages from Apps. Meaning you can't link your personalized page to another personalized page



  • @einas.ibrahim 


    You mean to say page builders. Anyway End users should neither be model builders nor page builders. End users will be able to see what their page builders have published for him to see. Additionally  What end users can really do is that they can go to “My Pages” and create their own pages. It is same as personal dashboard in classic. This also if you allow end users to create their own pages because you can disable this option as well.Now your question I believe is - Can End user be able to link pages while creating personalized pages - I think so but I am not certain. Will check and revert

  • Hey @Misbah 


    That's exactly what I mean but, it sounds much better when you say it 😂


    So yes, since End Users have more freedom to create new personal pages in the NUX  rather than just pivot or filter views to create a personal dashboard on classic dashboards, are they supposed to be able to configure a card to link to another page? I do not have a page builder access now and I can not link to a page.
    I know there are other items reserved for the page builder only - such as the action card, or adding an action to an existing card, and wanted to know if linking to another page falls in this "not available to end-user" category.

  • @einas.ibrahim 


    That's what I thought you meant. Yes, you can link your personalized page to any other page (page builder created page or page from App)


    Now in your screenshot, have you already created another page to which you want to link it because if you don't see it it may mean that there is no page in the dropdown to be linked to.


    Let me know if there are and you still aren't able to link it. Might be worth taking a look


    Happy NUXing

  • Hey @Misbah 


    Yup. There are many other pages created -boards and worksheets. 

    Here is an additional piece of information. The pages are not in an App. I believe End-Users can’t create apps either. 🤔

  • Hey @Misbah 

    Now that makes sense. I thought not having the pages in an App might have something to do with it. Glad we cracked this case wide open 😄