New UX - Forms Adding mulitple items

In the new UX is their a way that end users can add multiple items to a numbered list using the form at once?  In the model end users have the ability to insert multiple items.  This is hugely beneficial in our ZBB model where users are planning at an activity level.  Given the planning is done at such a low level our users could be adding over 100 lines per cost category.  Having to add each line individually would be very time consuming.



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  • Misbah
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    Again there is no such feature but I agree with you that in  classic we had a little button of inserting items in bulk from 1-1000 which seems to be missing in this case. I am not sure if "Forms" can accommodate that feature because it is supposed to be clean and "Form Like" but it should be somewhere in NUX if not on Forms.

  • edeblacam
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    Appreciate the quick answer!