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In the new UX does an admin have the ability to change the order of time?  For instance, our users like to see Month, Year, Quarter. 

Jan, Feb, Mar, ….2020, Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4.


In the model, we are able to re-order how time is displayed but I have not find away to do that in UX.  Additionally, if I take quarters out of the display it moves the Year to the front instead of the end.  Which is a little peculiar.  Is that a setting that can be changed?Re-order time.png 

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  • Misbah
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    Currently I don't see that as a possibility in Saved Views because it will come as-is from the model. However you can take advantage of the custom views in NUX.


    Explore "Totals Position" option in Custom Views in NUX. The closest you can get to your requirement is by choosing "Group at the end" option which will be Months->Quarters->Year. I know this is not the perfect solution but a step closer to what you are looking for. I have also put it as an idea in idea exchange forum. You can upvote for it so that it can be  taken up by the team.

    Ability to rearrange Time Periods within Time Dime... - Anaplan Community



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  • Hello @edeblacam 

    If you create a saved view in the model with the time ordered in the way you prefer then use that saved view in the NUX, it will maintain the time order.

  • Thanks Einas, we have used the saved views but noticed that the end user pivoting isn't enabled when a saved view is enabled.  Is their a work around for that?