NUX - Limit Open Source Module option


In the Old UX we had an option to remove the "Open Source Module" option from dashboard. I couldn't find any similar option in NUX. Am I missing anything?



  • Misbah



    No, it is not available in NUX yet.

  • I support adding this functionality.

  • @ujourney 

    @Misbah and @RAJASEKAR 

    I believe this functionality is there now. Look for the ellipsis on the  upper right corner of the card.


  • @JaredDolich 




    That was always there but it doesn't open the source module. It only opens up the model for you.


  • @Misbah 

    In old UX, it is possible to open Source Module in the same tab because, Modules and Dashboards are part of single app.

    On the other hand, New UX is itself build as a different app, so it'll open source model in new tabs which is quite difficult to use. It would have been good at least if it opens up with a Module instead of Model.


  • @Rahul_Rathod 


    That functionality should be on the roadmap. That's what I believe.

  • @Misbah You're right! It says "Source Module" but takes you to the model. Good catch. Hope this is corrected soon.