Level 2 Sprint 2: Test as End Users


Hi Team,


I am testing as an account manager and my testing is successful as per selective access applied, But in the activity account manager name was also given but in the training, it's nowhere mentioned that manager role wise testing needs to do. Is that just for reference or I missed something?






  • @kunal_311 

    • The spirit of this assignment is to have you check the Role-->Lists on the Users tab.
    • You will then change your role to one of the two mentioned in the assignment (leave yourself as a workspace admin though).
    • Then test selective access to see if that role is working properly. You can change selective access on your email.
    • Hopefully, this is what you were after. If not, let's keep the conversation going!
  • Misbah



    There is no user based testing. It's always Role based testing. So if you happen to see any names out there just ignore that and focus on role based testing.


    Good luck!