Show logged in/active user on the dashboard in the NUX



How can I show the active (or current logged in) User on the dashboard. Like I want to show something that says "Welcome: (Name of active User)". 





  • Hi sosunkwo,


    Nice question

    Here are the steps:

    1. Create a user dimensioned module with a line item welcome


    2. Publish a KPI card on New UX with these settings


    3. Result







  • Hi, @anirudh , thanks for the response. I'm now wondering how to display the user's first & last name, not email. 

  • I've figured out how to get the first and last name. The issue now is on the dashboard, the KPI card shows me a drop down of all users with full access. I only want it to show the name of the person logged in. 

  • In blueprint module, under "users list" change the setting for "show all users" to "off" and it will subsequently default to only show your user selection.

  • Thanks! @jnoone . It worked. And it worked in the DEV App. 

    So I did model push from Dev to TEST and tried to add the view on the dashboard pointing to the TEST model. However, it doesn't show the User's name in the TEST Model App, just shows "Welcome," Any ideas why this is happening? 


    Thank you. 

  • Hi @sosunkwo,


    I assume that you are using a list to store the user's first name, last name.


    Check whether the list is production or not.


    if the list is marked as production


                    "you have to import once again in Test Model"


    if the list is NOT marked as production


           "You should get the output" Share some screenshots, where you wrote 

    the formula to get the First and Last name.



  • Hi @prabhu , 

    I'm not sure I follow. I used the Users dimension in the module where I have the first name, last name, and the welcome formula etc. I don't have a "list" with users. Should I have done something different? (screenshot attached)




  • Did you check if the Sys07 module in the test model to confirm the data is populated for first and last name is also populated?  It looks like it is module data which wouldn't be migrated via ALM.   If that's not it, expose the list context in the dashboard view to see what member is being selected on the NUX page to help discern why it is blank.  

  • I see what the issue is. It is in fact Module Data.

    So I guess the fix to this is to have the Users as a List, and then add it to the Sys07 module perhaps? 

  • There are ways you can derive first and last name from users list if that is what you are looking to do.  There's a good post from David S. where he parses it out (I've given the summary notes below but can be tailored to your format) but if you follow a standard convention (ie  you can use this as an option and derive what you need. 


    Alternatively, when you add users (either via import or by maintaining the sys module) you can make sure to keep your sys module up to date.




    To Summarize:

    The formulas are:

    Find . - FIND(".", NAME(ITEM(Users)))

    Find @ - FIND("@", NAME(ITEM(Users)))

    First Name - LEFT(NAME(ITEM(Users)), 'Find .' - 1)

    Last Name - MID(NAME(ITEM(Users)), 'Find .' + 1, Find @ - 'Find .' - 1)


    Hope this helps. 


  • Thank you. In my situation, the email address doesn't reflect the first and last name. I think the import is the best solution for me. Thanks to everyone for your responses.