Level 2 sprint 3: Create DAT04 Distribution Center Parameters module & import data from Data Hub


Hi Team,

I am confused as in, In the activity, we were told to import from the data hub model, which has half-yearly as line item along with weekly safety stock. Because of which I cant map it while importing. My importing was complete but with error and I can see the data in the supply chain model as well. 

Do I need to ignore that error message or I am missing something?





Best Answer

  • einas.ibrahim

    Hey @kunal_311 


    Without looking into the details of the activity, I can see that the errors you are getting are related to line item HY Only?

    I also see that you haven't mapped the same line item to anything in the Line Items mapping tab of the import.
    If you don't want Anaplan to look for values for this line item, not finding it and hence throw an error, then tell Anaplan to "Ignore" this line item


      The way you do this is as follows:

    1. In the Line Item mapping tab of the import, click on the "Map Items Manually" on the top left corner.
    2. When you do so, 4 new buttons will appear on the right side (Match, Ignore, Clear, Clear All)

    I trust you can drive it home from here, right?


    If you encounter any obstacles just let me know. 😊