Remove indention of list in module


Hi, Is there a way I can removed the indention in the list i used in the module.







  • @tompatrick.ting 

    Two ways. Both are workarounds.

    1. Create a system module that flattens the list but then you lose the hierarchy.
    2. Create separate line items for each level of the hierarchy. Make the list pixel size = 6 (minimum). 

    Anyway two ideas for you. There may be others...


  • Thanks @JaredDolich ,


    Option 2 is not possible as i use line item as page selector.


    Please help explain more in option 1 creating a system module.




  • prabhu

    Hi @tompatrick.ting,


    I need some clarity from your use case.


    1. Does indentation means do you want to remove parent child relation...?

    2. If you want to display only the child(Revenues, DOE, ****, Net Interst) in the module then right click any list item and select "Select Levels to Show" and make "TRUE" only for child level. 

    3. if you want to display parent and child together without any parent child relationship

                           then create a new flat list and import to the new list (start form top parent then next parent and next....).

    4. if you want to only child to be present in a list then create new list and import only the child level.


    All these import actions has to be taken with the help of system module.

    What you need to do is to create a system module with the existing list as dimension and create as many line items depends on the number of parent.


    Eg: Line item 1                             Line item 2       on

          parent(item(Dimension))       Parent(Line item 1)


    I think @JaredDolich wants to deliver this.

    Correct me @JaredDolich if i am wrong...?


    If my post doesn't answers your question please explain in detail.