Anaplan Trivia - Who Thinks They Know the Answer?


And now for some fun.

Thank you @tomphelps3 for contributing this picture!




  • @JaredDolich ,


    I am not sure I should be allowed to answer this.

  • Hey @JaredDolich 

    Tom actually just told me about the T-shirt 🙂
    does this disqualify me too? 😄

  • @rob_marshall 

    You are most qualified to answer. We're very inclusive here on the Community Site!

  • @einas.ibrahim 

    Absolutely you can answer but you have to give ALL the details about what it means. Not just it's meaning but also it's significance.

  • Misbah

    @JaredDolich  Ok I am out. What is the penalty? Should I tell where did you get that tee shirt instead?🤨

  • @Misbah 

    It's got to be past midnight there - you must be one of those super-humans that don't need sleep.

    Anyway, all answers are accepted even if you're sleep deprived. Hub-14. Hub-14. What's so special about Hub-14?

    Sounds like a song...


  • @JaredDolich ,


    I believe our first Hub was in 2013 and Hub14 was in San Fran.  Hub is the previous CPX, so it is the week (3 days) that clients/partners could interact with Anaplan experts and get product roadmaps, demos, etc.  I believe Hub14 is when we unveiled numbered lists, if I am not mistaken.



  • @rob_marshall 

    Nicely handled!!! 

  • @JaredDolich 


    Just curious, what were you looking for exactly?

  • @rob_marshall 

    Just some fun. Most people probably don't realize Hub## was Anaplan's first set of user group meetings. I wasn't sure if 13 or 14 was the first, but you just answered that.

    I didn't really get started until July 2017 with Anaplan so when I first saw the t-shirt I had no idea what it was. Thought the community might like to know about it. By the time I got interested in user groups it had already been changed to CPX.

    Thanks Rob! 

  • @JaredDolich 


    so, last year was our first "CPX", every other year it was "Hub".

  • one of these days I'll post pictures of all of my Anaplan stuff - It would be the longest post I've ever done!

  • @DavidSmith 

    Please, please, please! That would be an epic novel with heroism and gallantry.  

  • Well, a long time ago in a bar in London......



    Seriously, my first interview was outside the after party for London Hub 13 - It was too noisy inside!!


    Can't really call it a interview - more of a chat over a beer, but that is where the story started (almost 7 years ago)