Error message while applying formula in EMP02 Employee Expenses level 1

Kindly refer to the screenshot below for the same






  • Hi @nehatomar,


    CHECKPOINT 1: It Seems you have written the formula twice.

                                     Write it once.


    CHECKPOINT 2: Check whether SYS08 Employee Details Module is created or not.


    CHECKPOINT 3: Check whether Department and Country Line item (both should be list formatted line item) are created in sys08 Employee Details module.


    let me know if you are still facing.



  • Hi ,

    Thank you for replying

    i corrected it, still facing issues


    Also SYS08 can be seen in the top left corner

  • @nehatomar ,


    Can you share the blueprint view of EMP02, SYS08 and EMP03 module.



  • Hi,

    Please find below  the relevant screenshots

    The formula blank spaces in EMP02 are because they are all showing the same error as mentioned before




  • Hi @nehatomar,


    I couldn't able to figure out why it is showing error, i feel formula is correct.


    Make sure you have 2 dimensions in Emp03 Module (E1 Departments and E3 Role).


    Try not to write everything in the formula, instead double click the formula bar and click the required line items.

    So that it should automatically populate.


    or else split the formula into 3 portions to check exactly where the error occurs.

    1. if Employed? then 1 else 0

    2. if Employed? then Salary else 0

    3.  'EMP03 Employee Drivers By Role'.Bonus %[LOOKUP: 'SYS08 Employee Details'.Department, LOOKUP: 'SYS08 Employee Details'.Role]