Any automation for setup migration



We have done the setup in our Anaplan Dev environment for one of our project and validated successfully.

Now, we need to migrate the setup (including Definition of Lists,Modules, Actions, processes) into our Production environment. Instead of doing the setups manually in Production, we are looking for any automation script that will copy the setups from Dev environment into Production.

Is this automation available?








  • Hi @praba71 

    There isn't a "script" per se that will help you build the structure (to create modules and lists). We only have actions that can help us load the data.


    However, Why not Use ALM? this seems like a good scenario to do so.
    You can create your production model right from the development model using Revision Tag.


    If you are not familiar with the mechanics of ALM (Application Lifecycle Management) then you can start here.


    I believe there is a video course on the Academy as well.

    Let me know if you have any questions.

    If you decide to go with the ALM approach and need help creating the revision tags and then the production model, let me know.

  • praba71

    Thanks @DavidSmith @einas.ibrahim  for the info.

    How to check whether we have ALM as part of our Anaplan suite and whether we have license to use that?





  • Hey @praba71 

    I may be wrong but I don't think you need a special license to utilize ALM with your models. There are considerations and setup you need to prepare before going through the mechanics of creating your production model from your development model. But the idea is.... you will have a development model for model builders to use and then a synchronized production model where no one can - or should - make any changes other than update production data. When you add new development on the development model, tested it, and got the approval, you can push it to production with a click of a button.


    Once you are ready and have your setup, go to the Revision Tags on the settings menu, add a revision tag then create a model from revision.


  • @praba71 

    I would check with your account team to see if you have the entitlement