Filter using Selective Access on Line Item Specified as a List


I have a data set I would like to open to end user with a line item (Cost Center) set as a list(also cost center) with Selective Access enabled. I would like the functionality to filter the data set so that end users will only gain access to their respective Cost Center(s). 

I know the workaround for adding cost center as a dimension, however this greatly increases sparcity and due to the size of the cost center list is detrimental to system performance.

I'm open to other workarounds that don't impact performance.

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Mark P



  • Hi,


    Adding a list as a dimension only to be able to "filter" is often used. However it's good to know that this additional dimension is only necessary as the module dimension and on the filter line item, not all of the line items in the module.

    For example if you are talking of an employee list in the cost center, not all the employee's data need to have that dimension: name, function, start date, annual salary need not to be applied the additionnal cost center dimension.


    ps: "with a line item (Cost Center) set as a list(also cost center)" -> what do you mean by that ? It's unclear to me

  • Hey, did you get answer to your question. If yes, I will appreciate if you can share answer. I need similar functionality

  • @AvnishGoel , I am unsure if original post got the work around or not but if u stuck in the same situation then u may probably use "List Subset" to shrink the list size (as dimension) in the module and have only selected employees.


    Now, refreshing the ListSubset can be achieved through the process (as and when employees data refreshed / imported OR through dashboard who is permitted to control such data) so that u always get the latest mapping.


    Share screen - print if above not answered the query

  • Hello all! Yes there is a way to accomplish this @mpeck. If you go to blueprint view, find the line item format, and open the pop up with the line item format, you can enable the filter via Selective Access option here. You don’t need to enable the Dependent feature for this purpose just Selective Access. This method also assumes you have Selective Access setup in the General Lists and in the Users tab for the list formatted line item. 

    Let me know if this helps!

  • See my reply below! Let me know if this helps @Pelicancan @CommunityMember126793