SYS07 Location Details module


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I'm working on level 2 model building and uploading location file into SYS07 Location details module, however the "Code" is not picking up. Can you please let me know why this is the case and how to fix it? 


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  • Misbah



    Looks like it is manually being ignored. If by any chance it is not getting auto mapped, which it should because the names match, then you can manually map it with Target Code instead of manually ignoring it.


    Map Items Manually->Click on Code in Source->Match->Click on Code in Target

  • Maggie
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  • Hey @Maggie 


    I noticed that your import source is an .CSV file. Are you importing the Location information into the Data Hub or the Supply Chain model?

  • @Misbah 

    I can only manually map target items in blue -turn into green after mapping.  I can't do the manual mapping for the target item in grey ("Code" ),  each time when I Click on Code in Source->Match, then the 'ignored' came out while click on Code in Target didn't work.


    can you please advise? thanks


    manual mapping issue.GIFmanual mapping issue_2.GIF

  • @lilyliaus 


    That might be because of the formula being written in the CODE line item of your Target module. You don't need to import the Code in this case if you have already written a formula in your target module


    Also there is a spelling mistake in Distribution Center?  line item of your Source module (It is Distibution Center? missing i) otherwise it would have auto mapped. I am sure there is something wrong with Default Shipping also.

  • Thanks, Misbah, it is meaningful and much appreciated.