Select items to show in a context selector


I'm building a board in the new UX and i have an issue with the context selector.
My context is a numbered list and i want to hide some of the items. I made the selection but it still shows me the entire list.


It is a context selector for a specific chart. 


Is there a problem with this feature?




  • Hi Ronit,


    Have you tried using show/hide on the context selector in the New UX?


    Currently how did you try to show only the necessary items?




  • Misbah_0-1596022536742.png




    You have Show/Hide and Filter Option. You can show/hide from the context selectors settings icon  when going in the page designer mode as shown in Screenshot 1


    Have you already applied the selection and you see any other behavior?



  • I tried what you both said.

    if I choose to display the selector at the top of the pages then the show/hide works(screenshot 1). But when i open the selector on the chart it shows me the entire list( screenshot 2)


    scrrenshot 2.jpg(1)scrrenshot 1.jpg

    Thank you

  • Looks like you have two context selectors (both showing total BU).  My assumption is you can hide the one you are showing in the screenshot and only show the one for which you selected levels, which i think is the other one.

  • I need both of them. One is for the entire page and the other for a specific chart.