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Hi ,


I am trying to build a Pie chart on a new UX Dashboard for L2 Product and its parent is L1 Product.


In my chart I want to see only L2 Products, I tried to create a saved view by selecting levels to show as L2 Products only in my Module and published this view as a pie chart to dashboard ,

but problem here is ,when an user selects a L1 Product from page selector in my dashboard then the Pie chart gets updated for L1 members aswell, It shows me L1 and L2 members view but I want it to restrict as only L2 member view.


Is there any possibility to do this in New UX.





  • jnoone

    Hey Madhu - I may need a screenshot of the exact setup but sounds like potentially you could do this:


    1. Add a system filter module with L2 products as the dimension

    2. Create line item called L2 only with formula of "True" and summary set to none.

    3.  Apply this filter to your saved view.  I tested by directly creating the custom view but assume you can also do from module.  You can keep syncronization on in the context tab.

    4.  Publish the pie chart.  It should only show the base level members.  In my example I had products L2 on the rows and columns were line items.


    Hopefully this helps, if not maybe a screenshot would help.



  • Hi JT,

    Thanks for your response above.


    I tried the above solution in my Main calculation Module, where L2 Product is a dimension .
    I created a Boolean line item as True and summary set to None and applied this to my current filter view.
    but adding this to Pie chart in my New UX there are some issues like
    1. Sync context On button is disabled , as a result whenever I change my L2 member in page selector the graph remains static.
    2. and I need to see only the related child(say siblings only ) for a selected member on the top, It shows me all the child nodes in my L2 Product List, irrespective of member selection.

    Is there a way to this?
    My requirement is show me a pie chart for selected nodes and its siblings(not its parent node or not all the child nodes in List).


  • prabhu

    Hi @MadhabikaM,


    Try my approach


    1. 1.JPG




    1. Lets say this is a module which i want to publish.




    2. Create a system module and mark true for all child and set the summary as none.




    3. Create a new Module with Product L1 as Dimension. and 1 line item (NO DATA)




    STEP 1: Publish Product L1 Dimensioned Module.


    The reason for creating this module is because, there is no functionality in NUX for publishing Page selectors. Only a module which has dimension can be published as page selectors.




    STEP 2: Publish your actual Module (Product L2 Dimension)










  • jnoone

    Hey Madhu -

    For point #1: The sync context button should not be disabled.  In the Show/Hide settings, do you have certain levels selected only?  If so, you should show all levels because the filter mentioned above will handle only showing the bottom level selections.  This will be key to it working.

    For point #2: As long as under context the hierarchy filter is switched to on, it should honor the hierarchy and only show the children under that parent selection.    


    Hoping this helps resolve.