About editing lists on the dashboard

I would like to separate List editing permissions between the dashboard and the master maintenance screen (dashboard or module).


・In the dashboard, the module which used the List as a dimension is displayed,
    but I want to make the List  uneditable.(Not Cell ,but the frame outside ) 

・The user can still enter the cell.

・In the master maintenance dashboard, I want to make it possible to add/edit/rename.. the List.


When I set the authority in Role→List, it becomes the setting for each List,

and the above cannot be fulfilled.


Is there any good way to do this?



  • @TomonoriO 


    If the model is in deployed mode and your list is a non production list then system will not allow you to edit the description but if it is a production list then it will allow you to edit the description.


    On the other hand if your model is not in deployed mode i believe anybody can edit the description.

  • @TomonoriO ,


    Just to add to what @Misbah stated, it is not considered best practice to have users manually update lists but rather have a view with a corresponding action to take care of this.  Reason being, the model builder can safeguard the integrity of the list (codes, duplicates, etc.).



  • Thank you @Misbah and @rob_marshall.


    This is how I understand it.
    - Deployed mode and structural list : Non-editable
    - Deployed mode and Production list :Editable
    - Standard mode and All List :Editable

    In addition, consider Role, SelectiveAccess and DCA

    In this case, If it's a Production list, so if we Deployed, it would still be Editable.

    This means that anyone with edit permissions can edit on any dashboard, and it's difficult to switch between dashboards.



    It's not a best practice for users to add directly to the List,

    so it's better to have an Action function and do Create item in #List → Import into #List.



  • @TomonoriO ,


    On the action piece, let me restate as it could be confusing and it depends.  If your user needs to add single members to the list via the Create Action, then yes, that is ok but you should create another action which updates the code.  And that list should be classified as Production Data.  For transaction lists, then it is not best practice for end users to update the list directly.


    Hope that clears it up, if not, please let me know.