Color Map


Can we build something like this in Anaplan with the five colors?  I can get the data together but can't think of a way to get five colors?





  • Hi,

    Currently, we only have the option to choose 3 colors. It would be good to have more than 3 colors, but unfortunately, we don't have.



  • If you want to use those exact same colors, the answer is probably not. If you just want 5 different colors, then you can probably do it, Since the colors will grade and we have a midpoint, then you could create as many colors as you want (or at least shades of colors).


    In this example, I have 1= Yellow, 3= Blue, and 5= Red, and therefore 2=Green and 4= Orange. You would need to stage this in a separate line and manually assign what is 1 vs 2 vs 3 vs 4 vs 5, but if you can do that, then it is doable to do this in either Classic UX or NUX. Classic UX would be less flexible since you have to choose between pre-determined color sets, whereas in the NUX you can define the colors you want to use at each range. 






  • Fantastic idea!  I'll give that a try.