KPI Only Showing First First Line Item in Module in Mobile App Instead of Line Item Selected




I experienced an issue regarding KPI's in the new UX. I have a module with a few line items dimensionalized by Version and another list. I published a few KPIs to a page on the new UX, each representing different line items of this module. I have selected the appropriate line item for each card in the Card Configuration window, and it appears correctly on the page when I am on my computer. However on the mobile app when I click to expand the KPI, each of the cards only shows the value of the first line item listed in my module. I attached some pictures of what I'm seeing when I input random numbers into the model to test.


I was able to work around this issue by creating separate modules for each KPI card. Each of these modules has one line item, which is the line item I want displayed on the KPI card.


Has anyone else experienced this issue? Is there something I am missing?