Actions in new UX


Hi Friends,


I have actions and process created in old dashboard.

I want to bring that in the new UX.

I am trying to assign cards with Process but it is not getting saved.


Any suggestions, will be of real help.


  • @Sravan_Kumar 


    what actions are you trying to put into NUX?


    Can you share screen shot for this?

  • Hi @Sravan_Kumar,


    if you use 'Actions' card and go to the configure mode, you will see that you can select existing processes, imports, and exports which should be displayed on your Page. 

    After selecting, for example, the processes you want to show to the Users, you need to press 'Add' on the right bottom corner. Afterwards, you need to save your Page by pushing button 'Publish' in top right corner.


    Does it work for you? Let me know! 

  • Im trying to replicate my old dashboards in the new UX but several of the actions/processes ive created previously arent appearing in the new UX


    any idea why this is happening?

  • Hi @MattOvers93,


    If you have just created a new process/action you need to refresh your browser before being able to select it on the "Action" card.


    Hope it helps!