Requesting conception about new UX


Good evening Friends,


This is an existing Model in App Hub, I downloaded it.

Now what we find is that: It was Process and Delete Actions created (first two pic).

In the third pic, we have the module names and fourth the list names.


Now my question is:

If I want to migrate to new UX, will I have to create every Module again there.

Or only importing the Process in Board will do? Or only creating Actions in Worksheet will work?









  • Hey @Sravan_Kumar 


    Assuming you don't want to add any new business logic or dashboards to the NUX but you simply want to migrate the dashboards to the NUX then you don't need to create new modules or new actions. You simply reference these artifacts when building the board (cards) and the worksheets in the NUX

  • Hi Sravan,


    Please note that while you create boards/worksheets, you will have to use receptive cards to represent data/ actions from the models. There is no need to create any new modules/actions as such and you will have to use the existing ones only.


    The best practice says that you should have views in your modules to be used in NUX for the cards. You can also use the power of custom views in NUX (which has much advanced conditional formatting options).


    Regarding actions, you can have imports/exports/processes/forms(you create in NUX which helps you create an item) configured as an action card.