Level 2 Sprint 3 INV02 Country Summary module


I've created the INV02 Country Summary module and when comparing the "Stock exception Review Dashboard" the numbers do not reconcile.  it seems like the safety stock flag count is not counting at the Product family level or it is individually adding up the "1's" per week as opposed to per month.  I've attached my view as well as the "review" view in the training.


The formula I'm currently using in the safety stock flag count is : 'INV01 Inventory Ordering'.Safety Stock Exception Count[SUM: 'SYS08 SKU Details'.Country Made In]


I've tried adding a second "sum" referencing the Product family line item in the SYS08 SKU module as well, however the results are the same.


I would just like to confirm that we should be matching to the pictures provided within the modules & and if so can someone point me in the right direction as to what is causing this issue?




  • Hi @bleeds,

    it seems that your formula is correct in INV02 module.

    Therefore you should review:

    - your source module - do you have all numbers aligned with screenshots provided for INV01 module? How are you calculating Safety stock exception count? 

    - SYS08 module, if your Country Made is correct

  • Hey Appreciate the quick response:


    My SYS08 Module Country made appears to be correct - 'SYS06 Location Details.Country[LOOKUP: Distribution Center] format is the G2 Country List.

    I also went through and did a reasonableness check - the requisite Cities and countries line up correctly.


    And yes my related to the INV01 screen shots/source information all appear to be correct as my product replenishment dashboard looks good.


    Safety Stock exception count formula = IF Ending Inventory < Safety Stock Target THEN 1 ELSE 0

  • hi @bleeds 


    Can you show your safety stock exception formula? because formula is correct for both exception count and then INV02, aggregation by country 


  • Hello,


    I was able to solve my issue...utilizing the "any" function.





  • hi @bleeds 

    I am facing the same issue as you in the INV02 Country Summary Module- Safety Stock Flag Count . The safety stock flag count is not counting at the Product family level ,it is individually adding up the "1's" per week as opposed to per month. Please could you explain how exactly did you use the ANY function so to match the Prototype data?

    Thanks in advance for your help.



  • HI bleed I am having the same problem as you, can you please explain how you used the ANY function to match the values because I am getting the values for the Product family list?
    thank you.