Conditonal Formatting on Published Line Items to dashboard


Hey All,


I am facing an issue with conditional formatting when publishing line item using "Publish Selected Line Items to Dashboard". After I apply conditional formatting it works okay on dashboard till I switch to a project that should have no conditional formatting. In that case, I see a conditional formatting event though it should be blank. 

1. A module that is holding Conditional formatting (I see that NaN gives me no color):


2. Dashboard view: I see that the published line item shows orange color for Dummy Project.


3. I switch after showing Dummy project to Hemma project and it shows Orange as well even though it is supposed to be blank.


4. I switch to Project 10 which should be green and it is working okay.


5. I switch back to Hemma and now instead of orange colour, I see green colour.


But if I close and reopen dashboard, conditional formatting is working as expected, up until I don't select a project that has some color formatting and then switches to a project that has none.


If you ever had similar thingie let me know ; )



  • @TimeToBedArek , are your opportunities in a hierarchy? If so, you may want to look at the summary method and switch it to none for your conditional formatting line item. I've seen dashboards where the cf gets messed up because a model builder has summary methods on sum for the line item.

  • Thanks for your answer, indeed they are. The summary method was set to sum, but the problem still occurs. 

    Any other thought?

  • @TimeToBedArek 


    Recreated this issue and it is exactly behaving the same way that you described in the post. I initially thought that it is because of the color scheme that we are using as Anaplan is not able to identify what color should be assigned to NaN. But then I realized it is working if we publish whole grid on the module. Please log a ticket with Anaplan Support and see if this is some kind of bug


    Thought of trying it in NUX but it is still under investigation

    New UX: Update FIELD card to allow conditional for... - Anaplan Community

  • @TimeToBedArek and @Misbah ,


    Agreed, I'm seeing the same in my quick sample. I'd recommend creating a support ticket on this.

  • Contacted Support, Case number -> 00312338. Will post a solution if received. Thanks for answers folks.
  • Bumped that one.