Level 2 Sprint 3 Create Combination Chart for Dashboard

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Before you publish the SYS01 Time Settings by Month module, showing the Planning Period Filter line item, filter it to show months only and save the view as Filter for Product Replenishment Dashboard.


This is the requirement of the course. I applied the filter on months only & saved it as "Product replenishment DB"  but when I published my line item of "Planning Period Filter" from system time settings month module to my DB then I am not getting the result as attached image(FILTER 2)  Instead my result is showing as attached image(FILTER 1)


These are the following steps I performed to complete the instructions, Is there something I am doing wrong/misinterpreting?







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  • JussiLi
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    @kunal_311 ,


    The chart looks like yours, if no purchase order requests have been made. If you select same 'Submit Purchase Order Requests' as in the sprint example (see pic below), your chart should be similar.