Import new list item from module using users dimension


I have an employee list for which I would like to create an action that allows to import new employees to the list. In order to do this, I have created a module using the Users list as a dimension with the line items needed for the import (including parent and code). After importing this modules in the employee list, no new item is added. What could be the reason for this? 


  • Hi,


    Can you share screenshots of your Target list grid view, source module view, and blueprint view?


    Try this,

    1. Create a saved view in the source module with Parent, Code, and List Name details.

    2. Import into the Target list. 


    Also, apply a filter in the source module saved view to load only the new employees.

    ~Vignesh M

  • Hi Vignesh, 


    When I run the import there are no errors, but the list does not include the new employee.



  • @LVermunt ,


    Quick question, why is your module dimensionalized by Users?  When you use Users, the end users will only be able to add one person at a time.  If the end users need to add multiple people, I would suggest using a custom list of Row Count (like 10 members) so the end users can load up to 10 new employee's at time.



  • Hi @LVermunt ,


    Try this,

    1. In the Blueprint view, find the Users List column and change it to the Show All Users: Off

    2. Bring User Dimension to the rows and keep line items in the columns and save it as a saved view.


    Is your employee list is a Numbed List?

    If  YES, 

    Map Parent to Parent, Employee Code to Code and run the import


    If Not,

    Map Parent to Parent, Employee Code to Name, Employee Code to Code, and run the import.