Show/Hide Applied to Page Selector on Desktop not working on Mobile App




We have various boards and worksheets where show/hide and filter functionalities applied at the page selector level.


When viewing the page on the Mobile app, the hidden selector values become available on individual cards. Is this a common issue? Are there available workarounds?




  • @ipekkirali 


    No, it works fine for me as my mobile app and Web based platform are in sync. Are you looking at Apps/My Pages in both the places.? If you have applied hide/show in My Pages then it won't reflect in App Pages irrespective of the device.



  • Yes, I am looking at the same pages as My Pages functionality is turned off for our apps.


    The list items hidden by the Show/Hide functionality on a worksheet page selector does not carry over to the cards and their context selectors in the Additional Insights in the Mobile app.


    It works as expected on the desktop.

  • @ipekkirali 


    I can confirm it works for me (on Worksheets as well as on Boards). Can you check which version of Anaplan Mobile app are you using? I am using 1.0.44 (10856). 

  • I am using the same version as well.

  • @ipekkirali 




    In that case let's try the most effective way - Uninstall/Delete and then Reinstall 🙂 and see if that helps

  • I tried that as well and it is not just on my mobile app but also on the client's. I reached out to Anaplan Support. We'll see what they say.


    Thank you for your help! 🙂