Level 1 Exam


Role not pulling through correctly when importing into the SYS08 Module.


I have changes the format to text and to role but it's still not working.


Please someone help an amateur anaplanner out!



  • I believe this could be to due to me categorising Role wrong in a lists but do not know where to put it and can't seem to put it in lists as a standalone like sizes.


    I think i have updated the formulas correctly further down the line in the exam but now the formulas are crashing due to this role issue.


    Somebody help please!

  • Hi @Dawsonc , 


    Technically the locations of list doesn't matter, but it's good to have it among other related lists (employee lists in this case). Easier to find. 

    Is your "Role" list populated or is it empty? 




  • Hi @JussiLi , thanks for coming back to me.


    I thought that the case with lists too but when i enter my formula i get the following message (part of message removed)


    Invalid formula: Role hierarchy is not possible as Role does not have a built-in top level


    But unable to build in a top level into this list


    Thanks again

  • Hi @Dawsonc ,

    Problem can exist somewhere else as well, but let's check "Role" list first. Role list doesn't have parent hierarchy, but it should have Top level. (More information about Top level item and Parent hierarchy https://community.anaplan.com/t5/Best-Practices/Top-Level-Item-and-Parent-Hierarchy/ta-p/56249). 

    Top level should have been automatically created when list was updated from Role.csv file. The file contains fields: role, parent and code. 






  • @Dawsonc 

    Ah, the dreaded top level error.

    Make sure you roles list has a top level, in this case "All Roles". Easy to miss.

    Keep going! You're almost done!!