Level 2 Sprint 1 - SYS05 Regions Import


Hey Anaplanners!


I am working on my Level 2 certification and I am looking for some help. I am stuck trying to correctly import Regions into the SYS05 Regions module. I keep getting the error "invalid line identifier". I'm sure this is a silly thing to get stuck on, but would appreciate feedback as to what I am doing wrong. I want to make sure I am understanding the import mapping correctly instead of guessing correctly. I've attached screen shots to show what I have tried and I appreciate any help you can share!


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  • Hi @Tricia 

    There are a couple of things here:

    1. The instruction says module SYS05 has been created and ask that you just review it.image.png
      • This is the blueprint of the module SYS05
      • The module is dimensioned by Region Flat List
      • Has one line item Code which has a formula, which means we can't really import data into it.
    2. However,  if we look at the data view, it is empty.
      • This is because the List Region Flat is empty.

    Once you import the region Data from the CSV file into the Region Flat list, SYS05 will have data and you won't need to directly import data into it (because there are no line items without a formula which are the only line items you can import data into.)


    I hope that helps you understand why none of your import trials were working.

    I have posted a reply once explaining how to understand mappings. I'll look for it and post the link here when I find it.
    In the meantime, let me know if you have any questions

    UPDATE: I can't really find the post I had in mind but this is close enough

  • @einas.ibrahim Thank you so much! I totally spaced and forgot to populate my lists. Appreciate your help!