How to set up import mapping




Given that the following line items are in a module. 
   Sales amount: Nubmers for actual, previous forecast version and budget have been already populated
   Current Version: Checked if current version
   Previous Version: Checked if previous version

I would like to copy the value of 'Sales amount' checked in the 'Previous Version' to that checked in the 'Current Version' by module data import to itself.
Is there any way to set up import mapping on version automatically?

 (Please see the attached screenshots.)


Best regards,

Maki Yasuda



  • Hi Maki,


    Try creating a VIEW for the 'Sales amount' checked in the 'Previous Version'. Then import this view to the same model and in mapping, tag  'Previous Version' to 'Current Version'. Let me know if this solved your problem.



    Lokesh Nandula