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I would like to allow users to determine a target currency to use in translating values and enable that selection to be unique to them. 

First thoughts are that I can create a selection module dimensioned by user containing a line item formatted as the currency type. 

My challenge is to then direct a formula into this selection so that I can feed downstream modules with the correct selection unique to that user.

Is there a LOOKUP or SELECT function I can use which will enable me to link the target module to the source and direct the formula to to take the correct selection for that user?


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  • s.jansenidw

    Hi Chris,


    You can use a LOOKUP function on the currency selection line item (which has the user dimension). The formula should look similar like this: 

    " SourceModule.SourceLineitem [LOOKUP: Currency Selection] ". Please note that your source module should have the currency dimension and your target module needs at least the user dimension. 


    Another option would be to add the currency dimension in the target module and let Anaplan calculate to all available currencies (efficiency depends on the amount of currencies). Then pivot the table so that the currency dimension is in the page selector place and all users can select the currency they would like to see. With this option you don't need the user dimension at all.


    Let me know if you need more help on this. 


  • @ChrisAHeathcote 


    I don't think you can use LOOKUPs with User list. You may need to dimensionalized every module (involved here) with the User List. That might be very expensive option


    But I think you can use Fake User list. 


    Not the solution just throwing some ideas

  • @s.jansenidw 

    I realised that this is the best option and communicated it to the client. 

    Great that you also concur.