How do I compile a document for whether a data point in the Hub is being used in the spoke models




We are trying to cleaning up our data hub for data points that are not in used in the spoke models. So I need to compile a document for whether a data point (Line item in the module) is being used in the spoke models. 


Now I am taking the following approach: 

1. check the "Reference by" in the blue print to see if the line item is being directly referred within the model. 

2. check the import history and process of each spoke models to see what the spoke models are currently pulling from the Hub. 


I was wondering if there is a way to see in the Hub that what information (e.g. saved view, module) have been exported or are part of a importing process of a spoke model? We have too much unused information in the hub and would like to tidy it up. 





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  • einas.ibrahim

    Hi @LilyLiuAnaplan 


    I can completely understand the overwhelming task on which you are embarking.

    To give you the punch line, I'm not aware of a report or a process you can run to accomplish this task. Maybe Anaplan itself have this ability but that's way above my pay grade to know with confidence, So I'm going to use one of my lifelines and call a friend @rob_marshall ( This is a reference to Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, feel free to ignore it)

    You can also reach out to your Anaplan customer success partner and check if there is a way.


    Now a couple of things to keep in mind and may help you

    1. You will never find in the formula of a line item a reference to another model. Anaplan doesn't work that way
    2. Any modules in the Data Hub should be created to manipulate the data or transform it to get it ready for import into a Spoke Model, for example,
    3. The connection between the Data Hub and any Spoke model is all in the Imports (and exports)  

    If I were you, this is the approach I would use:

    1. Start with the Spoke Model(s) and Identify any processes where the Source is the Data Hub.
    2. If your models were designed with Best Practice in mind, then the Source Type should always be a "Saved View", but you may find source types as modules or lists.
    3. Under the Source Object, you should find the names of the different "artifacts" (Saved views, Modules, Lists) used to import the data into the spoke model.
    4. In your Data Hub, you can mark these artifacts as used/needed
    5. It doesn't end here though. Look into these "needed/used" modules in the formulas for example, and determine if they are using other modules/lists. Even though these secondary modules/lists are not directly referenced in the spoke model, they are referenced in the primary models so you obviously need them.

    You can apply a similar approach as in #5, to clean up unused line items within the Data Hub model.


    I hope you get the idea. Tasks like this require a methodical approach, also, it's a good reminder to us all of the importance to clean and label actions as build