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Hi All!

I'm new with Anaplan model building have one specific doubt, looking to the screen below i have budget, mx and campaingn columns these are columns created through a list i called dimension, i need know sum these three columns getting the quantity (K) line item, what is the best solution for this calculation ?

I already tried to create another module where these columns are line items but no sucess.

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  • jbaudino1
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    @Misbah , sure follow the descritpion the solution i need.

    I will need to build a dashboard with a module that need to contain the following dimension
    product family and product type, this module must to have the kpis(would be line items ?) of
    net revenue, cost and profit this module must have three sources billings, backlog and forecast all of them with the
    same kpis and dimension.
    I will need to apply some formulas calculation after the raw data loaded:

    net revenue (forecast) = revenue + revenue + revenue
    cost (forecast) = revenue - revenue

    This three sources must be the coilumns of my dashbaords and kpis must be shown as line itemms


    let me know i can expllain more if needed


    Julio Baudino



  • @jbaudino1 


    If you want to sum the Quantity (K) for all the three items then I would say create another module with all dimensions but exclude D1 dimension and then simply refer the quantity from source module to target module. Worth to mention that D1 list should have Top Level set as "All" or "Totals"

    Source Module: Dimension 1, Dimension 2, Dimension 3, Dimension D, Line item

    Target Module:  Dimension 1,  Dimension 2, Dimension 3, Line item Quantity


    Hope that helps


  • Hi @Misbah , thank you for the quickly answer.

    You proposal works in parts, already tried this but before is not grouping by dimension, seems that the list DIMENSION is not being checked to the calculation group.


    The source:



    The target, i want to have the numbers separeted by  dimensions and be able to sum the types quantity for actual, backlog and togo only, in this case the module target brought me all the columns dimension sum, look




    Thank you!

    Julio Baudino

  • @jbaudino1 


    So you want to include D1 dimension in your Target module. In that case where is the Source data coming from?


    Just post two snapshots: One of Source Module and one of Target Module. That should be more than enough for me to help you

  • @Misbah , sure follow 


    Source module,  columns are the dimension with time

    line items quantity, net revenue...



    Target module

    Following your comment the same dimension without the DIMENSION, i applied the formula o quantity column it bring the sum value for all the dimensions.



    Let me know if you need more details.



    Julio Baudino

  • @jbaudino1 


    I am sorry I don't think that I was quite clear. What I meant was not what we just did but what is your actual requirement


    For Example Requirement can be that I have a module, Lets call it Module A, dimensioned by List 1, List 2 and List 3 and I have Revenue Line item in it. I want to take Revenue Values from Module A to Module B which is dimensioned by List 1, List 3 or List 4 etc. 


    Note: By the way In your Snapshot Togo, Actual, Backlog, Budget etc are not dimensions. They are items of that dimension. If you take a look at your page selectors (aka dropdowns) they can be called as dimensions of the module. Alongwith those Time also is the dimension of your module. So all in all you have 5 dimensions (3 in Pages + 2 in Columns) in your module WF01 Weekly Forecast 

  • The solution was simple creating the line items as metrics and list of columns that must be dimension, with it i only calculated by dimension the metrics, important to say that the source of data was modules where i had billings, backlog and so on.