UX Page Selector not working on lowest level of hierarchy


I have attached a picture of UX screen.  Data has 3 level hierarchy.  

Level 1 color ie Eco Flint

Level 2 color ie  CD, CF

Level 3 product ie CF0725W


The page selector show all three levels available to select.

If I select Level 1 or 2 results are correct.

If I select Level 3 the page selector defaults back to level 2 and results are based on level 2.

I'd like the results to be based on what I select.


Thanks for any attention to this question. Deb

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  • lindascott
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    Hi Debbie,

    The roll-up for L2 Color is going to follow the hierarchy that is established as the parent list in General Lists, so if the parent of L2 Color is L1 Color, then it will roll up to All Colors. A list can only have one parent. In order to get a roll up into an alternative hierarchy (Keys) in a UX grid you would need to do some transformation/calculation/formulas to create the subtotals by Key. 

    You might want to consult with your Anaplan Business Partner or consulting Partner if you don't have an in-house Solution Architect, as this sounds like it is more complicated than just getting the right settings for your context selectors.


    Linda Scott


  • Hi Deb, When you set up your grid card, did you have an option to turn on the Hierarchy filter for the Product hierarchy? If you have that option, try turning it on. Depending on what else is on the page, that might solve your problem.


    The other way you can go is to add a context selector directly on the grid itself. In the card designer, hover over the gear icon for the Product hierarchy at the top of the card. Make sure Sync to Page is on and then choose Selector. You can also add filters or show/hide levels of the hierarchy here. This will add a context selector at the bottom of the grid, and it should sync with the context selector at the top of the page. You can then choose the individual item from the context selector on the grid itself, even if you can't choose it from the selector at the top of the page. 

  • @lindascott thanks for the reply.

    Hierarchy filter is on. I tried selector on page, on card, on both....is fact the one on the card doesn't work as well as the one on the page...there is nothing else on the page.

    Sorry, still broke... I have just uncovered that another user has changed the one hierarchy into two hierarchies.....as follows:

    1st hierarchy: All Colors -> L1 Color -> L2 Color 

    2nd hierarchy: All KEYS -> L2 Color -> KEYS

    and list = L2 Color is in both hierarchies.


    The UX grid is based on KEYS...so the rollup should go to All KEYS, but it rolls up to All Colors.  Why would Anaplan do that...it should roll up to All KEYS?  Is this a bug?




  • @lindascott   thanks!  I'll reach out as you suggest.

  • We have the same issue here.

    Top levels and intermediate levels are fine to select, but bottom level when selected doesnt filter accordingly.


    Or there is a counterintuitive feature that prevent that, but in term of ergonomy (or ux as we use these days), this is painful

  • TimG
    Any chance you found a solution to this? We have the same issue where the table defaults to the next level up in the hierarchy when the lowest level is picked from the selectors.