Progress Bar in the New UX?


Hi Community!

I recently saw a demo in the New UX that showed a progress bar as Anaplan stepped through various actions after clicking the action button. The progress bar appeared to be dynamically updating after each action was run. Does anyone have any examples they can point me to that shows how this can be done, including the email notification? Or, was I just dreaming...

My use case is for a client that wants to use the New UX to keep an eye on the progress of a process that

  • exports data from a spoke app to the data hub
  • then exports out to an external 3rd Party tool
  • then imports the results from that 3rd Party tool to the DH
  • Then imported into the spoke application.
  • An email notification is then sent indicating the data is ready

This process works today using Informatica, DCA, and a bunch of processes in Anaplan. It uses a Classic UX dashboard with Boolean checkboxes and a status message today but we would like to upgrade the "look" a little bit and make it look more like a progress bar.


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  • anirudh
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    Hi Jared,


    Would like to know where you saw that progress bar! Doesn't sound like it's real as it's pretty unlikely Anaplan can track processes and report their progress when they're not in the same model


    That said, here's my solution:



    If that's what you're looking for, let me know, I'll explain how I created this





  • @anirudh Brilliant.

    The one I saw was a meter but this is even better.

    Would love to learn more about how you created this.

  • Great!


    Drop in a chart card;

    Here's the Anaplan module setting in New UX. Module is very simple, with no dimensions and 2 percentage formatted line items. One of the line items has to feed the complete % and the other one is just "1 - Complete%"

    Use this as the view, it's important that the line items are rows and not columns




    Chart Type: Bar

    And finally the chart setting



    The percentage bar chart is how this all works. And one of my favourite things about New UX is the customizable color codes

    I used #d9d9d9 for the gray color


    That's it!




  • @anirudh 

    Thank you sir!

  • that's a clever one 🙂

  • @anirudh @nathan_rudman 

    And, here's the final result! Looks awesome! Thank you so much @anirudh 

    Only challenge was that I couldn't find a meter that looked like the one you had. I had to use a column bar chart. Is it possible to use the one you used with one of the axes dimensionalized, like below?


  • Hey Jared,


    Sorry didn't follow you

    Have you created a Bar chart



    Here is my result after adding 1 dimension to columns