Level 2 Sprint 3 Product Replenishment dashboard - Summary setting


Hi Team,


I am facing a problem with the summary settings and their display on my DB.

Problem Statement: Values not Displaying in my Month Column for line items like "Final Shipment amount" /"Shipping Cost"/"Final Shipment cost"

1) Course Example summary file - This is an example given in the course, the values need to be shown as given in the file. I plotted the summary method chosen by me as per my understanding of the said values.

2) Summary 02 - This file shows read & write access driver setting for the said line item so they can be seen as desired in DB.

3) My DB Summary - This is my DB file view where I cannot see the values of line-item like "Final shipment amount", "final shipment cost" is my JAN column, maybe because of my access driver settings, but if don't set them as they are then I am not getting my desired view i.e only when "Submit PO Req" Flag get selected then only show values of rest of the line item otherwise they should be hidden.


Also, is my summary method for the rest of the line item is correct? (shown in "Course Example summary file")



  • @kunal_311 


    That;s because of your DCA line items from AD02 Inventory Ordering Overrides module. If you wish to see the data in Months as well make sure you change the summary of line items in AD02 Inventory Ordering Overrides module from "None" to "Any". That should solve your problem