How to add badges for earned certifications?

I have completed all the training and earned the Anaplan Certified Model Builder certificate but there are no badges reflecting on my profile. Please advice.


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  • emilydunn
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    Yes, @mjagga the new version of The Anaplan Way badge will be included in the August release of badges. We'll take care of you!


  • @mjagga 

    That is actually a REALLY good idea. The only certifications that have a corresponding badge on the profile is the Master Anaplanner, The Anaplan Way, and Train the Trainer L1.

    @ChrisMullen and @emilydunn is this something we can do? 

    GREAT question @mjagga -Let's keep this conversation going!!

  • Thank you for your quick response, Jared. Appreciate it. 


    I have completed "The Anaplan Way" but still is not reflecting on the profile. 


    Also, Anaplan has badges for the mentioned certifications but just a thought that having badges for Certified Model builders might give an edge to the available talent pool.

  • Hi @mjagga  - 

    @JaredDolich  is right, it's a great idea! And we're way ahead of you. 🙂


    As we announced last Thursday, the badges we will be releasing at the end of August are all about the Academy. We're releasing badges related to Level 1-3 Model Building, the Anaplan Way, and all certifications.


    Take a look at Kayne's blog post and let us know if you have any more questions.


  • @mjagga Got it!

    According to @emilydunn it looks like your wish will be coming true at the end of this month!

    As for the Anaplan Way, I got the badge from taking the instructor led course - that badge might be deprecated by the new online / virtual version. Not sure. Maybe @emilydunn or @KayneSchwarz may know? 

  • Thank you @emilydunn and @JaredDolich . Appreciate your response and glad to know this. 

  • Hello,


    Can you please advise if badge was included into Anaplan Model Builder Certificate as I cant see it?


    Kind regards